Samples for Schools and Colleges

We here at Dissect UK are the premier suppliers of dissection specimens all around the UK. We supply to all the major schools, colleges, universities, vets and laser eye labs.
Our specimens are of the highest quality and fresh. They are frozen, packed and delivered to your door. Our products are food grade quality so that you can store them in a fridge freezer like you would with any other fresh produce.

Our dissection specimens for sale are superior to any preserved animal parts and do not have a strong odour which may put off a lot of sensitive school students. We do not preserve our products in formaldehyde, which is known to cause short-term health problems and respiratory symptoms with students that have had long periods of exposure to it.

We package all our products in environmentally friendly Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) boxes, which do not require much energy to produce and they do not create much waste, therefore not being a risk to any ones health or the environment.
Our samples for schools are ideal because we can provide the relevant sample organs for specific industries. Our dissection specimens for sale includes sheep eyes, sheep hearts, sheep kidneys, sheep livers, sheep brains, sheep head split, sheep, stomach, sheep lungs and tracheas. We also supply pig hearts, pig brains, split pig heads, pigs eyes and pigs liver.

To view our range of organs for dissection please view our shop.

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